Hooked: Patchwork Crochet Bag

Patchwork Bag_7

In late Spring (November), I decided I wanted to crochet a bag to use for the Summer. I looked at Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration and patterns. I wanted something that looked fresh and would be simple to make. In the end I settled for a Stylish Easy Crochet’s Patchwork Crochet Bag pattern which you can find HERE. The great thing about this pattern is that it is made up of just squares. You can make your bag small or big, depending on the size and number of squares you use.

I wanted a bag that would be able to carry my wallet, keys, phone, diary and other bits and pieces – so I decided to make a 13 square bag.

For each square, I used Craft Passion’s Solid Granny Square Crochet Pattern which you can find HERE. I then joined the squares using single crochet stitch. For the handles I just did a chain stitch (which I made wider with about 6 rows of sc).

I wanted a colour scheme that would be colourful but not of a specific colour scheme so that it could match whatever I wore. I found that making the majority of squares neutral colours (white, light grey, dark grey and black) helped achieve this.

All the yarns I used were acrylic. I was initially skeptical about the durability of this material – but after using this bag for about 2 months I have to say it is pretty sturdy! Yes, the handles have curled a bit and some of the squares have some pilling (see below) but other than that the bag has been very strong and reliable. At times I have loaded it up with a water bottle too – the bag can take quite a bit of use!


Patchwork Bag_1

One thing I have done to help with the durability of the bag though is sew a fabric pocket to sit inside it. Initially I tried to sew a lining into the bag, but with my limited sewing skills, this proved too challenging. I have found a very simple fabric ‘pocket’ is enough to stop small objects like my keys poking out of holes.

Patchwork Bag_6

I’m surprised my simple bag has lasted so long and would definitely recommend this pattern to anyone looking to crochet a bag! Do you think you’ll make a patchwork bag?