Hooked: Chinese New Year Monkey

CNY Monkey_5

Happy Chinese New Year again! As an amigurumi enthusiast its become an annual tradition to pick up my crochet hook every time the Lunar New Year comes around and create Stephanie of All About Ami’s latest animal pattern.

This year was the Year of the Monkey! You can find this adorable pattern HERE.

CNY Monkey_2

I made some small changes to my monkey. Apart from changing his more life like colours to red and yellow/gold (traditional festive Chinese colours) I also sewed my monkey a smiley mouth and glued (instead of painted) on his rosy cheeks. This monkey pattern also had an option for adding wires to his body (so he can clip onto objects). However, I opted to just keep mine stuffed. So that his tail would not droop, I only made it shorter – at 34 rows.

CNY Monkey_4

As you can see, at 34 rows – even without a wire the tail is springy enough to stand on its own. The monkey is also still able to sit on its own too.

CNY Monkey_7

One of my favourite features of this Monkey is his banana. I almost want to make a bunch of them!

CNY Monkey_3

Overall, this Monkey is a great amigurumi pattern and was enjoyable to make.

CNY Monkey_1

He now joins the other Chinese New Year animals I have also made from Stephanie’s blog!

CNY Monkey_6

Have you made the Chinese New Year monkey this year as well?


Drawn: Monkey King

Monkey King


Happy Chinese New Year!

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything to do with drawing – but I thought I’d share with you a monkey I illustrated recently.

About a month or two ago I was asked to draw the ‘Monkey King’ from a classical Chinese novel called ‘Journey to the West’. I had never heard of this story (and still don’t know much about it!) but illustrated my own version of the ‘Monkey King’ after seeing how other artists had illustrated him.

Unfortunately this illustration didn’t end up being used for the project it was intended for – so here it is on my blog – just so it doesn’t remain forever in the archives of my computer!