Hooked: Marshmallow from Neko Atsume


I’m excited to share with you today something I created last week – Marshmallow the kitty from the ridiculously cute (and addictive) Japanese game ‘Neko Atsume’! I’ve been playing the game for a while now and thought it’d be fun to try and make my own Neko Atsume kitty.


Of all the different poses the cats make in the game, the sleeping cat pose is my favourite so I decided to design just that! I chose to make ‘Marshmallow’. It took a bit of trial and error (I had to pull apart some pieces) but overall I’ve been really happy with how Marshmallow turned out!


I’ve enjoyed sharing Marshmallow with you – and I’m pleased to say that next week I’ll be sharing the pattern I wrote for Marshmallow! Stay tuned! 🙂



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