Hooked: Crochet Car

Amigurumi Car_8

Recently I was looking for an amigurumi pattern that was ideal for a toddler. I found this car pattern on the ‘Nephithyrion’ blog. You can view and download it from HERE.

The amigurumi car is made up of several flat pieces with an exception of the tyres.

Amigurumi Car_2

As the amigurumi car was going to be a gift for a toddler, I crocheted circles for the headlights instead of using buttons.

I sewed the tyres onto the flat car sides then joined the pieces together using single crochet stitch. I left a small opening for stuffing.

Amigurumi Car_5.jpg

I put a lot of stuffing in the car! My amigurumi car ended up looking puffier than the one in the pattern but I was pleased with how firm it was.

I ended up sewing a small rectangle number plate and sewing in its owner’s name. 😉

Amigurumi Car_3

And my amigurumi car was done and ready for its new owner!

Amigurumi Car_4.jpg

Amigurumi Car_1.jpg

Amigurumi Car_7

It was a fun amigurumi to crochet and has opened me to crocheting more than just round animal amigurumi characters. Have you crocheted an amigurumi car before? Did you use this pattern or another?


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