Coming Soon: FREE Arlo – The Good Dinosaur Pattern

Dinosaur Amigurumi_18

Now that I’m back to blogging, I decided to attempt something I haven’t before – create an amigurumi pattern based on an animated character!

In the past I studied animation and even though it’s not a career I pursue anymore I still love animated films. And as you know I also love crochet. So I thought it would be fitting (and amusing) to mash together my skills and passion in character design and crochet to create an amigurumi pattern inspired by Arlo from Disney Pixar’s ‘The Good Dinosaur’.

I began my design process by looking at images of Arlo and sketching him up as he was, just to familiarize myself with how he looked. Arlo has long, lanky limbs and that was something I didn’t want to lose when recreating him! Practically, I also felt like my amigurumi Arlo should be able to stand/sit on its own. With these things in mind, I decided that I would create a sitting Arlo.

I felt that in creating Arlo that I didn’t want to replicate his look 100% but create perhaps a kawaii version of him – an interpretation of him, altering the proportions of Arlo’s head and body etc. I looked at other’s illustrations of him and eventually came up with a sketch that looked like this:

Dinosaur Amigurumi_1a

My sketch was not really kawaii (though that was an inspiration) and even as I worked on Arlo (I frogged the ‘body’ and ‘head’ patterns a few times before I was happy!) my design morphed. However, I’m pretty happy with how my mash up has turned out and will be working the next few days to write out my notes into a pattern. I look forward to sharing it with you sometime next week! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Coming Soon: FREE Arlo – The Good Dinosaur Pattern

  1. Your Arlo is ADORABLE!! When I saw the movie, I hoped I could find a free amigurumi pattern for him, so this makes me really happy! You did such a great job; I’m really excited for the pattern. 😀

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