Rainbow Lorikeet Baby Mobile


Late last year a friend of mine welcomed an adorable little boy. He is now not so little but still very adorable. In this post, I wanted to share with you something I crocheted for him when he was born – a baby mobile.

The pattern is by Ana Paula Rimoli and features in her book Amigurumi Two!

In the book Ana’s birds are a pastel blue. However, I wanted to make the birds on the mobile unique. So I drew inspiration from my neighbourhood where we are blessed to share with rainbow lorikeets (like the one in the picture below sitting on my clothes line) and crocheted my birds with their bright, vibrant colours.



It was initially a challenge to work out how to convert all the bold colours of the real bird  onto an amigurumi bird. However, I approached this by first working out the rainbow lorikeet’s key colours – dark blue, lime green, dark green, yellow and red – and then working out how to allocate them in the stitches.



For those with the pattern, this is how I distributed the stitch colouring (I only crocheted the little birds)-


R1-11: Dark Blue

R 12-16: Lime Green


R 1-5: Dark Blue

R6: 8 sts yellow, 4 sts red, 8 sts yellow

R7: 7 sts yellow, 6 sts red, 7 sts yellow

R8: 6 sts yellow, 8 sts red, 6 sts yellow


All in Dark Green







A detail I really liked in the pattern were the vines and flowers. They were tedious to sew together, but were a lovely, dainty way to tie the mobile together.




What do you like to crochet for babies/young children? In the coming months, a few friends will be welcoming more little ones into their lives – so I’m keen to be the good “auntie” and get hooking on some gifts. 🙂


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