Koala Christmas Ornament



Christmas is almost here again! But unlike the Northern Hemisphere where places are being blanketed in snow, here in the Southern we’re in the midst of summer. It hasn’t been an especially hot summer yet, but this week we’ve had highs of 34C. The funny thing with Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere though is that a lot of our decorations are inspired and influenced by the Northern Hemisphere. “White Christmas” plays as often as any other Christmas carol in the shops, Santa still wears his full wintry suit, we still decorate our trees and windows with snowflake cut outs all the while sweltering in the heat! It’s a strange tradition – but delightful in its own way.

To bring a handmade touch to my Christmas tree this year I decided to crochet one of Stephanie’s (from All About Ami) Teddy Ornaments! Stephanie wrote the pattern so that it could be made into a bear, panda and/or koala. Being an Australian, I felt it was only right I make the Koala Ornament! 😉

Though a scarf is somewhat out of place with the current weather, it only looked right that the Koala wear one, so a red and white scarf he got!



I took the photos of my Koala on a gum tree (I hooked the ribbon onto a piece of protruding bark) and think he looks pretty at home there!

I definitely recommend this pattern to anyone looking for a last minute Christmas crochet project as it is easy to follow and comes together quickly with great results. A bonus for Australian crocheters is that the pattern uses a yarn that is the equivalent of our 8ply standard! So with the correct tension, your ornament will turn out the correct size!

Have you been working on any Christmas crochet projects? What would you recommend as a last minute project?



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