Please Vote for Frankenbear! :)



Halloween is not a huge thing in Australia, but when I heard of Little Yarn Friends’ Halloween Crochet-Along I was keen to participate.

Because I am not a fan of the occult side of Halloween, I decided to create a character who was associated with Halloween instead and settled on Frankenstein’s Monster – – so presenting… Frankenbear!

Frankenbear was an adaption of Little Yarn Friends’ Lil Teddy Witch pattern. Apart from the obvious colour changes, I gave Frankenbear a flat top head, spray painted his eyes white, gave him eyebrows and stuck on tiny paper teeth. I tried to match Frankenbear’s appearance to Frankenstein’s Monster’s description in the book. However, the actual monster looked mostly like a giant (and unattractive) man than a monster – so for some features I was inspired by various Hollywood portrayals in the past!

Reading up on the original “Frankenstein” I discovered that he was actually a pretty misunderstood monster. Abandoned by his creator from the moment of his creation (for merely looking like a monster) he searched hopelessly for love and acceptance until he decided to unfortunately live up to being the monster everyone assumed him to be. It’s a pretty sad book!

I hope you find Frankenbear a little more appealing than his namesake and if you feel so inclined you can vote for him HERE by “liking” his picture on the Little Yarn Friends’ facebook “Halloween CAL Contest 2013” Album. Thank you in advance if you do! 🙂



5 thoughts on “Please Vote for Frankenbear! :)

    • Thank you Jennie for your congratulations and support! Silly me.. I didn’t realize I had won a prize even after seeing your comment as I didn’t see anything on the Little Yarn Friends facebook page. It wasn’t until I checked out their website yesterday afternoon that it all made sense!

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