Tea for Two

Crochet Tea Set_1


At church I teach an energetic class of preschoolers Sunday School. A few weeks ago I was in need of a tea set for them to play with – so rather than purchase a real one – I grabbed some white and blue yarn from the cupboard and whipped these up over the next few days!

The pattern for these come from Ana Paula Rimoli’s book Amigurumi Two!: Crochet Toys  for Me and You and Baby Too. The book is full of quick and easy to make toys suitable for toddlers and young children. Whilst it initially seemed a little strange to crochet a tea set, it made sense. This set was impossible to smash to pieces – perfect for little ones!

The tea set in the book included a pattern for a teapot…

Crochet Tea Set_4


Cups and saucers…

Crochet Tea Set_5


As well as a dish of cookies (I ran out of time to crochet cookies so just cut them out of cardboard when I gave them to the children to play! In these photos though, I grabbed some from the kitchen!), a sugar bowl and spoons. I didn’t end up making the latter as I ran out of time.

Crochet Tea Set_2


The kids still loved playing with the tea set though – and the best part was, when they were done, I could just fold them up and put them away!

Crochet Tea Set_2


Have you made any toys with yarn for little ones lately?


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