Hooking to Help

crochet hat_1

Can you believe we’re only a few months shy of Christmas already? One of my favourite Christmas “traditions” is participating in Operation Christmas Child –  a project run by Samaritan’s Purse that involves packing shoeboxes with gifts (a mix of practical and play items) for children in need in (for boxes from Australia) South East Asia.

One of the suggested items for packing are beanies. So when I found Corrie’s  (of the Retro Mummy blog) toddler/preschooler beanie pattern on the Operation Christmas Child website – I had to try it!

This pattern was refreshingly simple and came together very quickly – very useful when you’re trying to make a few in a short space of time! My only qualm with the pattern was that I found I needed to continue the pattern to 12 rows . This was probably due to my tension, my change of yarn from the suggested. I made all my hats to fit preschoolers.

The pattern suggests using two strands of 8 ply yarn – however, I opted to use Paton’s Stella, a 14ply yarn. Though the yarn label suggested the use of a 7mm hook, I stuck with the pattern’s suggested 6.5mm. I picked up Stella in both Midnight and Maroon. My local craft chain was selling it for only $4 a ball – a bargain for such a lovely, soft and quality yarn! The best thing, was two balls was enough to make 3 beanies!

The decorative flower, like the beanie, came together very quickly whilst being a flattering design – making it perfect to decorate many other projects apart from these beanies.

crochet hat_2

crochet hat_3

I highly recommend this pattern to anyone looking for a crochet beanie pattern for preschoolers. I will definitely be coming back to this pattern for next year’s Operation Christmas Child!

What are your go to patterns when you’re looking for a quick and easy gifts to make? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Hooking to Help

  1. Awww….they’re so cute!! Yes, I participate in Operation Christmas Child too. 🙂 This is such a great idea! I will definitely use these beanies for this year’s shoeboxes! Thanks for the idea!

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