Habitual Homebody August Crochet-Along


One thing I’ve really enjoyed discovering over the last year from crocheting and blogging is the crochet community that exists online! It’s been great to become a part of it. Last month when I came across the Habitual Homebody Blog’s August Crochet-Along – I knew I wanted to be a part of it too!

The original pattern was actually for a table runner made up of  hexagons. But because of a few reasons (1. I was running out of time having come across it mid-month and 2. it’s really hard to find 8ply cotton in Australia) I turned the table runner into… a doily. A small, decorative table mat!


Cotton yarn is most common in Australia in 3 and 4ply thicknesses. For my doily I used Milford Soft 3 Ply Knitting and Crochet Cotton in the colour Soft Fire Engine Red along with some similarly weighted white cotton I had. I crocheted with (I think! I’ve actually forgotten now) a 1.5mm hook. Whilst I thought I have a relatively consistent crochet tension, making my hexagons I realised otherwise. I had to really pay attention to my tension when I crocheted to make sure the hexagons were similar in size.

Joining the hexagons together, I realised how important it was that they were of a similar size. The tension was not something you could cheat with!



Tucking in the loose ends, my doily looked a lot better.



However, it still looked incomplete. So following inspiration again from the original table runner pattern, I added a boarder – only I used double crochet stitches instead of treble as suggested. As a finishing touch, similar to the original pattern, I added a single crochet row of the Soft Fire Engine Red.

I then pressed my doily with a hot iron (to smooth down some of the bumps and lumps) and it was done!



My hexagons are not as defined as I hoped they would be (the stitches are not that clear) but overall I’m pretty happy with how my twist on the table runner turned out! Hopefully next time I attempt a similar project I’ll have improved! 🙂







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