I’m renaming the blog!



Can you believe it’s September already? Here in Australia we’re heading into Spring. The weather is warming slowly but surely. The magnolia tree outside my window is no longer a bare skeletal network of branches but an increasingly thick array of fresh, pale green leaves. It’s exciting.

What’s also exciting is the fact that it’s been almost a year since I’ve restarted this blog. This actual blog is almost 4 years old (having started in December 2009) but it has only really come to life in the last 12 months. Only in the last 12 months have I actually stuck with it. Only in the last 12 months has it started becoming part of an online community.

Back in 2008 I finished my Bachelor of Digital Media degree at the College of Fine Arts (UNSW). I had plans to become a 2D Animator. But for various reasons that dream never quite materialised. Facing failure left me feeling defeated, but in late 2009 I started to find my feet again and started this blog as a means of keeping track of and sharing my creative work. Though for many of those years, my progress was somewhat sporadic, over the last year (having discovered people are actually reading my blog!) I’ve been inspired to blog more regularly.

As I’ve blogged and been creative on a more consistent basis, I’ve discovered where my passions lie – in crochet and illustration. While my illustration is not something I have shared much of in the last year, it is something I’ve been working on away from the blog and am looking to share more on the blog in the future. Challenging myself to post my finished crochet projects online has done wonders for my crochet skills – so I’m hoping that doing the same with my illustration will also help me as an artist.

So… because of all this I’ve decided to rename my blog “Drawn and Hooked”! When I had started this blog as a means of representing myself as just an artist, it made sense to name it after myself. But now that my interests have changed and developed, it seems more appropriate to give it a name reflecting these interests instead. The URL will stay the same though, so there is no need to change your bookmarks if you have bookmarked this blog.

Thank you to everyone who has read my blog so far – its been a real encouragement to me to know that people read about what I am doing and that I’m not writing and posting to nothingness! Here’s to more years of blogging! 🙂


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