Hello Tiny, Green Rabbit!

tiny bear 1

Standing at 6cm (2.5 inches), this tiny rabbit is the smallest amigurumi I’ve crocheted to date!

I didn’t set out to crochet anything so tiny, but when I was shopping the other week and came across $1 balls of yarn, I thought “why not?”

Most of the amigurumi projects I’ve worked on are made with 8ply yarn and a 3.75mm or 4mm crochet hook. As this yarn was 4ply, I crocheted it with a 2mm hook.

tiny bear 2

Initially I found it frustrating working with such a small hook and thin yarn but once I got the hang of it, it came together pretty quickly and I had myself all the pieces of my petite amigurumi!  It barely required any yarn at all! As you can see in the above picture, the yarn still looks practically new despite having already been used.

tiny bear 3

I sewed it together with a regular sewing needle instead of a tapestry needle as my usual amigurumi projects require. It was interesting how all my tool were downsized in this project. Instead of using safety eyes (even the smallest 6mm ones would have been too big!) I sewed on the rabbit’s features with a thin embroidery thread – using knots for his eyes).

The pattern was from one of my favourite amigurumi books – Amigurumi Toy Box: Cute Crocheted Friends . In fact, I’ve actually crocheted this rabbit before and featured it on my blog here. I can’t remember exactly, but I think I crocheted the first rabbit with 8ply yarn and a 4mm hook. So standing side by side – you can really see the difference changing yarn and hooks can do to an amigurumi pattern! (The little rabbit is perched on a wood carved donkey figurine I got from Santorini… in case you were wondering!) 🙂

The little green rabbit looks dwarfed!

tiny bear 5

But posed together with the Cotton sheep amigurumi I made earlier this year, the little green rabbit looks truly dwarfed!

tiny bear 6

It was interesting working on such a small scale, and with so much 4ply yarn again, I might give it another go in the future. What’s the smallest thing you’ve ever crocheted ?


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