Rory the Roo in Europe!


Just over a month ago I went on a holiday to Europe – and because I like kitschy things – I crocheted a little kangaroo called Rory to tag along with me. I thought taking photos of him would make an interesting souvenir!  So today I’m going to share with you Rory’s photos. The unfortunate thing that I forgot to anticipate though was that I’d be enjoying my trip so much that’d I’d forget to take many pictures of Rory! Fortunately though, there are enough pictures of Rory for a reasonable summary of my/our trip – I hope you enjoy them! 🙂

1) Flying to Abu Dhabi (above)

This shot was taken as the plane began to descend into Abu Dhabi (our stop over).  I did a sneaky whip down of my tray table to get Rory in the frame with the  map on screen! (How rebellious am I? haha..) It was about 6am in the morning in Abu Dhabi. Back home in Sydney – some 15hrs away it was midday. We were tired, we felt disgusting – but Rory was looking as perky as ever!


2) Breakfast at… Harrods (kind of) 

Abu Dhabi was but a stop over to our first real destination – LONDON! On our first morning there we caught a Red Double Decker bus to Harrods and ordered ourselves an English Breakfast at a fancy looking cafe across the road. While my friends and I tucked into our toast, eggs, mushrooms, tomato, sausages and bacon – Rory sat among the jams, taking a special liking to the HP Sauce.


3) Fish and Chips in a London Pub

We only had one full day in London, so it consisted of a lot of tube and Red Double Decker bus hopping – visiting as many key London icons (Big Ben, London Bridge, Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral, Harrods, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye and the Portabello Markets before a spot of shopping at Oxford Circus) as we could! It left us all quite exhausted, so sometime after 9pm we found ourselves at a pub in Oxford Circus (which sadly, I can’t remember the name of!) and ended our day with another iconic English dish – Fish and Chips.

I love how it was presented so rustically on a chopping board – chunky chips sprawling from a paper bag, crunchy fish just sitting there practically saying “EAT ME”, mushy peas (for which I cared little – but loved the pop of green it gave to the plate) in a quaint ramekin and a set of condiments we didn’t have to share with each other! (When it comes to food.. we can get a bit posessive! Haha..)

Rory got to pose with my meal. But it was all mine. All mine. You can see from my friend’s hands in the background how eager we were to eat!!


4) The Eiffel Tower

One of the things I loved most about travelling was the surreal feeling of constantly being on the go and in a different place. Some 24hrs after our delicious fish and chips we were standing on the Eiffel Tower. I loved how it stretched up into the sky. To see this spectacular structure I’ve seen a million times in pictures and film – literally before my eyes – in real life – was an amazing experience . It was pretty tricky to capture one’s self in a frame as the picture above will attest. Poor Rory.


5) Overlooking the Palace de Chaillot and Gardens of the Trocadéro

One of the more iconic views from the Eiffel Tower – and for good reason too! Had to hold Rory for this shot – didn’t want him to free fall bungee from the Eiffel Tower!



6) Mt Stanserhorn at Luzern, Switzerland

Switzerland was a country that we visited all too briefly. It was here I fell in love with hazelnut chocolate (we have hazelnut chocolate here in Sydney, but somehow, eating it here cast a spell – or rather obsession with it – on me!). One of the places we managed to visit in our brief stay was Mt Stanserhorn. I think it was because we went early in the day that all we got to see when we reached the top was… mist! We were literally in clouds. All we could do was joke about being in heaven. And wander about, wondering what the view looked like in better weather. Our visit wasn’t in vain though. We did get to see and feed some cute marmots that lived on the mountain. And when we did eventually descend, the weather began to clear and enjoy the beauty of the lush green hills below.


7) Hopfgarten, Austria

At this point Rory was a little neglected by yours truly. There is sadly no photographic evidence of him having visited Germany or Lichtenstein, though I’m sure he enjoyed being their.., even though in my bag. Hopfgarten was the next place Rory got a breath of fresh air! Hopfgarten was a quiet, little Austrian town and being there on a Sunday, we were limited on activities. However, looking back on the trip, our day there was one of our favorites as it gave us a chance to just relax and soak up the (again) lush, green European countryside. We got an amazing view of it travelling up a mountain via a gondola. Having earlier conquered the Eiffel Tower, Rory didn’t really blink at the heights the cable car took him!


8) Venice, Italy

From one gondola to another – but a very different kind! Floating in the narrow canals of Venice was one thing Rory *had* to cross off his European bucket list! This is probably one of the best photos of Rory from the whole trip!


9) The Colosseum in Rome, Italy

Rory shuddered when our tour guide at the Colosseum revealed that in its prime the stadium was where a great many animals were hunted for entertainment. Whilst the list of animals was extensive and included some as exotic as elephants, hippos and giraffes, it was a small (very small) relief to Rory that kangaroos did not seem to be one of them.  Was Rory the first kangaroo to step (hop?) foot into the Colosseum? Who knows. 🙂


10) Ruins of the Palace of Knossos at Crete, Greece

Again, Rory suffered another extended stay in my bag. He missed the clear blue waters of Corfu, beautiful white buildings of Mykonos and intriguing ruins of Ephesus in Turkey. Don’t tell him though. I’m not sure that he’d forgive me.

His next breath of fresh air came at the ruins of the Palace of Knossos. Above he is posing with the Horns of Consecration, an iconic Minoan symbol. The Palace of Knossos was one of a few ancient ruins we  had the privilege of visiting. It was very humbling to think that so many of these crumbling ruins were once powerful, influential cities in their prime.


11) The Throne Room at the Palace of Knossos in Crete, Greece

Rory was really reveling the fact that he was out of my bag again and here is posing with the entrance to the Throne Room at the Palace of Knossos. He was quite possibly also trying to work on his tan as I think he noticed how I was now considerably darker. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that yarn can’t do that.


12) Flying Home

Sadly, Rory’s time in the sun was short lived. I forgot to take him out when we later visited Santorini and Athens. Rory was understandably unimpressed but got over it pretty quickly when he realized he could take some photos on the plane over the Greek Islands.

Despite experiencing a good part of his European holiday in the confines of a bag wedged next to a camera, Rory had a good time – and I think you’ll agree, his share of nice, memorable pictures. He’s not sure he wants to travel with me again (seeing I’m so neglectful), but is open to the idea of future travels. So maybe, one day, you’ll see more of Rory out and about. Watch this space. 😉


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