Minion Mayhem!



As promised, here is a scheduled post while I am away as today is the day Despicable Me 2 is being release in Australia! God willing, when this post goes live, I will be somewhere in Switzerland!

As you may or may not have seen on this blog, I crocheted Stephanie’s (from All About Ami) Despicable Me Minion pattern back in October. At the time I mentioned that my little cousin loved my minion so much that she requested her own. Given we were a few months from Christmas at the time – I had just enough time to crochet one as her Christmas present. Above is the second minion with my first! You might notice that they have both been crocheted with the “wrong” side facing out. This was because I hadn’t realised the difference at the time. :/

My cousin wanted a one eyed minion so I adapted Stephanie’s pattern just the slightest – adding a few more rounds when creating the base of the Minion’s body (and overalls) and decreasing its height. I also made the goggle a bit bigger. Apart from these adjustments, I kept the Minion’s feet and arms the same as Stephanie’s original pattern.



My cousin named her Minion – Bobby. She seemed very pleased with Bobby, even though she knew I was making him for her.



Are you going to see Despicable Me 2? I am hoping that it might show on the plane trip home! Otherwise, I’m going to have to check it out when I get back. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Minion Mayhem!

    • Hi Mariana, to crochet my one eyed minion I just adjusted slightly the pattern by Stephanie from All About Ami which you can find here –

      These are the adjustments I remember making –

      1) As the one eyed minion is a little wider and shorter than the two eyed one I made the base of his head/body wider (Stephanie’s pattern stops increasing at 63sts – I believe I may have crocheted the base of my one eyed minion at 84sts – I can’t remember anymore as it was many months ago – sorry!).

      2) Instead of crocheting the 84sts until the 55th row (as Stephanie’s pattern suggests) I stopped when I felt that the minion was the right height. I made my judgement by sight and comparing him to my first minion.

      3) I increased the base of the overalls to 84sts too. I also made the overalls shallower to suit the proportions of the one eyed minion. The shallow overall doesn’t stay on the minion very well, so I ended up sewing it to his body.

      4) I made the front of the overalls and the front pocket of the overalls a little wider. I also measured the overall straps to the minion as I crocheted and stopped when I felt they were the right length.

      5) To work out the size your goggle needs to be, it is better to first cut out your Minion’s eye from felt so that you have something to measure it to. Crochet a chain until it is the circumference of the eye. Then *sc (however many chains are on your chain), ch1, turn* for 8 rows. Fold over as instructed on Stephanie’s pattern. You do not need to decrease as in Stephanie’s pattern as the decrease is to account for the join of the two parts of goggles. A one eyed minion’s goggles only has one part! 🙂

      6) Every other part of the pattern I didn’t change. The arms and feet remained the same.

      I hope that helps and makes sense! Let me know if you need me to explain anything.

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