Rory the Roo



Just a quick post today as I am getting ready to fly out of the country tonight! After months of planning, I am going on holidays to… Europe! I’ll be starting off in London, then travelling to bits of France, Switzerland, Germany and Italy before ending my travels in Greece. I will be gone for almost a month.. so in that time this blog will be on a break (apart from, if I can put it together, a one off scheduled post 🙂 ).

Travelling with me, apart from some friends – will be this little Kangaroo I crocheted recently (another attempt at making my own pattern.. 🙂 ). I have crocheted so many Koalas, I thought it was time to try something a bit different. I’m pretty happy with how he (whom my friend Nina helped name – Rory) turned out.

When Rory and I return, hopefully we will have some great holiday snaps to share with you all!




Preparing for this trip over the last week or so has been a small trial in itself (apart from the usual chaos of making sure everything is settled and packed). But because of God’s grace things have fallen into place.

I came down with a viral flu and just a few days ago was still wondering how I was going to be on this trip with my head so cloudy and my nose so congested. But God has been so gracious to me and has healed me in time. Even though my voice still croaks, all my sick symptoms are subsiding significantly. The camera case I ordered (and was supposed to arrive after I left home) even arrived early this week. I have worried a lot leading up to this trip – but when I look at today and how both significant and insignificant things have fallen into place – it’s a bit embarrassing and shameful I have even worried at all!

Anyway, I shall bid you all goodbye for now. Until I come back, I hope you all stay safe (as God willing, will I!) and God bless!



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