Don’t Forget to Pack a Koala!



Late last year my brother went to China to study architecture and gardens. To keep him company, I crocheted him a tiny friend (from Amigurumi Toy Box). A bit cheesy, but I thought it’d be cute to give my brother a “mascot” to snap here and there on his travels. Above is a picture of the koala taken at Sydney Airport.

Sadly, my brother really stuck to his studying as he didn’t take many more pictures of his new friend. Here’s a shot of the koala sitting on my brother’s laptop in his hotel room.



But it’s good to know he did get some fresh air at a Bonsai garden.



He even found his own nook in a Bonsai tree. (The koala, that is… haha)





Just recently, I made a few more Koalas and sent them with a friend who is moving to Japan. I thought they’d be sweet gifts to present to new friends she will make.



I myself am preparing for an overseas trip in a few months time! Do you think I should make another koala to bring along on my travels – or maybe create something else iconically Australian? A kangaroo? A wombat? An emu?


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