Sydney Royal Easter Show 2013



Last long weekend I went to the Sydney Royal Easter Show! Its been many years since I last went to this annual carnival/agricultural show and I find that every time I go it’s for a different reason. When I was younger going to the Easter show was all about buying showbags (bags filled with lollies/merchandise/coupons themed specifically to the bag you were getting), rides and seeing the farm animals brought all the way out to the city from the country. This time, older and wiser (haha..) I went with my mum and an auntie.

Our feet, ready for a walk went to check out the farm animals first. Though farm animals are not exotic by any means they are not something we see often in the city so they are a novelty. My favourites were the piglets…


The baby chickens (I will never tire of the sight of tiny, yellow cheeping puffs!)…



And this little lamb who was one of many roaming in the petting barn!



As the Easter Show is a carnival/agricultural show there was a mixture of carnival (read:deep friend!) and more “natural” and farm grown produce available to snack on during the day. For lunch we shared several mini meat pies which were baked from scratch in a kitchen set up just for the Easter Show.



And though I’m terrible at eating fruit – eating an entire apple was made easy when my apple was cut into a swirl! The unusual cut meant that I could break the apple into easier to eat bite size pieces (kinda like eating chips!). My mum found this device so fascinating she entered a competition to win one – and now that it seems she hasn’t won one, is on the lookout for one!



The swirly food thing seemed definitely a theme as else where at the show they were selling swirly cut potatoes, deep fried on a stick! I HAD to get one (even though it’s not the first time I’ve tried one and they were a bit pricey at $5 a stick) and enjoyed it very much! Chips are my weakness, I swear.



And while the animals and food were great to see and taste (just the food this time – not the animals) what I enjoyed seeing at the Easter Show the most was the arts and crafts – particularly their crochet and yarn.

It was inspiring to see the handicrafts submitted by other crocheters.



But what was even more inspiring (for me) was the shed (well, very large shed) dedicated to yarn. In the center was a mini yarn-bombed land. The centerpiece was a caravan covered in a soft cream cable knitted cover (impressive!) while overhead clouds of sheep wool and a giant ball of yarn sun hung!



Around the shed there were other displays including ladies spinning wool into yarn (sooo tempting to buy a hank or two!)…



…displays of fashion made from yarn (who said wool just produced lumpy jumpers?)…



And a small stall selling wool that had been grown and spun in New South Wales! When buying wool, I’m sometime bothered by the fact that, despite living in a country that is renowned for producing wool, a lot of the stock in shops has been processed elsewhere in the world – so I was thrilled to find that Nundle Wool Mill existed and produced yarn that is “local”.



Though I had no pattern in mind, I found myself drawn to their 20 ply selection of yarn.



Though in the picture above I am holding a yellow hank of yarn, I ended up purchasing a warm hue of orange. I’m still playing around with it, but it will most likely become a scarf/cowl as they are what I use frequently in winter. Have you seen any good knitting/crochet patterns for 20 ply yarn?

I hope you enjoyed my recount of the Easter Show – I guess you never really grow out of it! 🙂


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