Grilled Portobello Mushrooms



How has your week been? This past week I’ve been crocheting some cowls and trying to finish up some amigurumis that are to be presents (they will be leaving the country in a week or so – so I need to get their arms and legs quick fast!).

I also cooked some portobello mushrooms for lunch the other day. Whilst I’ve seen people cook them on tv, I’ve never actually tried to cook them myself (which is odd seeing I love to eat mushrooms like they’re going out of fashion). So when I spotted a pack of them slashed to half price at the supermarket I knew the time had come to try them out.

A quick google search landed me with this recipe – and so my small culinary adventure of the day began.



Because I liked all the different ingredients in this recipe (tomatoes, cheese, garlic.. mmm) and I knew the quantities were not crucial (like macaroons.. *sigh*) I went about this recipe in a very liberal manner – mixing together my own quantities of the various ingredients. Indulging in some amateur (see above) food photography along the way (love the different textures and colours!).

It was an easy recipe to “follow”. The closest thing to a technique that was required was grilling the mushrooms on their own before adding the stuffing.



After that, it was just a matter of adding the stuffing and waiting a few minutes for the cheese to melt and bubble! Before I knew it I had a lovely, simple lunch.



It was tasty and my liberal attitude to the ingredients had no side effects. Unless that is, you count the fact I had way too much stuffing left over. However, I ended up sprinkling it over some corn chips, grilling that too to produce nachos!

This recipe is definitely something I would cook again. What recipes have you discovered lately? 🙂


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