Puppy Love


Can you believe it’s March already?! This weekend has been a rainy one in Sydney unlike the photos in this post which were taken a few weeks ago on a much sunnier Saturday.

For those of you who own Ana Paula Rimoli’s Amigurumi Toy Box: Cute Crocheted Friends, you’ll recognise this pattern as Santiago the Little Boston Terrier.  I crocheted him for a little girl who loves pink, hence his bright coat!

Like the other Ana Paula patterns I have used in the past, Santiago was easy to understand and enjoyable to make.  I changed a few things apart from his colour and they were giving him 15mm black eyes (for some reason, my local craft shop’s black safety eyes range don’t carry the 12mm  ones suggested in the pattern) and a flocked safety nose. I added a few rows to the white strip on Santiago’s head as it didn’t look long enough to reach from the muzzle to the top of the head I had crocheted. Lastly, I also gave Santiago a little tail. (Hmm..  I just googled Boston Terriers and realise now that they don’t really have visible tails.. no wonder the pattern didn’t have a tail! I guess this Santiago is a one of a kind Boston Terrier then!)



The pattern for Santiago also had instructions on how to crochet a bed for him – but as he was to be adopted by an active little girl, I figured he’d be too busy following her around to need a bed. 🙂


I’m not sure what adventures Santiago has been on since I gave him away – but I hope his new owner is having fun with him!


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