Happy Chinese New Year!

1So, this is a little belated but – “Happy Chinese New Year!”

Can you believe it was about a year ago I pledged to revive this blog? Though I didn’t keep my promise for a good part of the year, eventually I came good in September when I started posted my first real amigurumi creation. Thank you to those of you who have been reading my blog. You are a significant part of why I’ve been motivated to push myself to be more consistently creative in the last six months. It might sound a bit of a dramatic claim, but it has honestly changed my life.

This year I hope to push myself further creatively, namely, picking up my illustration and painting again – consistently. Maybe even try my hand at animation again as I did back in Uni. Start an online store to create prints and objects for. Maybe even find a way to leave my current retail occupation for something creative!

Anyway, I just wanted to quickly post about another little amigurumi I made for Chinese New Year – the Year of the Snake. The pattern is from (once again!) the All About Ami blog. It’s terribly cute and made a sweet addition to the few CNY decorations we had at home.


Yesterday I took my little friend along to check out the Chinese New Year parade in the city (it was postponed to yesterday as last weekend Sydney had a thunderstorm). I managed to get a blurry snap or two of him against the lit up buildings and colourful dragons and performers!


But this shot, taken inside the Queen Victoria Building is my favourite. Something to do with all that symmetry, methinks!


Some tourists saw me taking pictures of him and found him so adorable that they asked if they could take some photos of him too. I love how crochet randomly started a conversation!

How did your hometown celebrate Chinese New Year? Has crochet ever started a random conversation for you? 🙂


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