Confessions of a Yarn-a-holic


In the corner of my living room is a stack of plastic containers. Crammed inside are balls and balls and balls of yarn. Hooks. Needles. Patterns. Material. The scary thing is, this stack isn’t even near the entirety of my collection of crafting materials. This is just my “working basket” (if I can get away with calling it that). Projects begun, projects yet to be started, projects that were started and have somehow stalled. I knew there were at least a few of the latter – so this weekend I took the time to see what I could find (and perhaps inspire myself to finish them – Autumn/Winter is coming up in a matter of weeks!).

Exhibit A (above): This is the back of a jumper I started a few years ago. I am not much of a knitter, but have knitted a few scarves and cowls before. This jumper was going to be my transition into more complicated knitting (well, to me anyway). However,  I injured my finger (in a totally un-craft related incident involving a metal door –  I highly DO NOT recommend the combination of fingers and doors) and by the time it had healed as close as it could to its pre-accident condition my enthusiasm for the project had faded. But perhaps this is the winter I finally wear my own jumper?

Exhibit B (below): Who knew beanies could be so… exhausting? Or maybe the word I am looking for is exasperating. Though simple and fairly quick to come together, this “one size fits most” pattern did not cater for my larger than average head. I frogged this beanie several times – and then just put it aside out of utter lack of patience (though, admittedly, it’s probably just a few rows from completion).


Exhibit C (below): These squares began innocently enough as an attempt to make a baby blanket. Until I did the math and realised that I needed about 81 squares to make a reasonable sized blanket (something I did not have the time for at the time). I like the pattern though, and mean to salvage these squares eventually, perhaps as something less ambitious like a cushion cover.


Exhibit D (below): Unlike the other 3 projects mentioned already, this project is actually my current work in progress. Though the stitch is not new, I’ve been spying the crocodile stitch on various blogs so eventually sussed out instructions on how to do it. I’ve also been googling images on how different people have used the stitch for cowls and scarves. I like the idea of a triangular scarf, so have been working the stitch in a diagonal way (starting with one stitch, increasing by one each row). Most years I knit I scarf before winter and that project becomes my go to scarf for the season. This is the first year I will have crocheted one. I’m looking forward to wearing it in the winter.


So, that is a brief run down of some of the things festering in my “working basket” stack. I’m going to make an effort to finish them off this year because my stack definately needs some downsizing!

Do you have half finished WIPs lurking in your baskets/bags/containers? Do you think you’ll ever finish them? 🙂


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