Happy New Year! DIY-ing into 2013…


Happy New Year! How did you celebrate New Years? I ended 2012 with a BBQ and close friends – and began 2013 with 8km of bush walking along the scenic coast another group of good friends I hadn’t seen in many months.

The photos below were taken with my phone (which did a mediocre job of stitching together a panorama) and give you an idea of the amazing weather we were blessed to have.



The weather this summer has been a mixed bag (our Christmas day was grey, stormy and even a little chilly!) but New Years Day was perfect.

Anyway, back from my tangent. The last project I worked on just before New Years was something I had contemplated, but never attempted over the years – my own diary.

I have found over the years that I work best with a diary that has a week on one page and a blank page opposite – so with a little Photoshop (though the same could probably be done with Word. I just personally like working with Photoshop) I put together my own generic template and then printed it out on a simple home printer.

Through various tutorials on Pinterest, I worked out how to separate and sew together portions of pages into something resembling a book.


After that I fused the spine of the book with PVA glue and when that had dried, reinforced that by gluing on strips of cotton canvas.



Meanwhile, on a pretty piece of linen I found in a scrap bag of material at home, I began to embroider my initial and a spray of roses (I referenced patterns from the book A-Z of Bullions). I did hesitate at the amount of effort I was putting into it – but I figured I would be using the diary all year – and if I had already bothered to stitch together pages I may as well follow through with a detailed cover too.


When I was done with the embroidery, I cut it out and glued it to some cardboard I had cut out as covers. I then glued the cover and the inside pages together. The whole thing smelled of glue (and still does a little) and the pages that are glued to the cover have a bumpy ripple to them (I cannot work out how to glue the cover and pages together neatly) but regardless I am quite happy with the end result.


Despite the many lovely diaries available (I actually wanted the Frankie Magazine diary for this year but could not find it at any local newsagents) did you end up making your own diary?


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