Hey Bear Grylls…


I can make a sheeping bag (or eight!) too! Ok, so you can’t sleep in mine, but they’re sheep. And cute enough for you to forgive the fact that they aren’t sleep-in-able?

While I’ve always been a keen craft-er, this would have to be the first year I’m really trying to pump out a few handmade gifts. So when it came to putting together end-of-year gift packs for the adorable pre-school kiddies I’ve had the privilege of teaching Sunday School at church to this year I had a good brainstorm.

I knew I wanted to put their gifts in bags – and almost went along with regular looking cotton bags (but sized for the little people that made up my class). But I thought – HEY, if I’m going to slave over a sewing machine, I’m going to make this fun. And cute. And maybe sneak in a reminder of the lessons that were taught this year.

And so came the sheep bag. Fun because it was little people sized. Cute because it had a face with big eyes complete with white cartoon-esque reflective dots. And educational because it was a sheep and several of the lessons during the year featured sheep.

I was glad that I made this a project I was passionate about, because you need something to drive you when you have to cut out, sew together and attach 8 noses, 16 eyes, 16 ears (made up of 32 pieces) and 32 legs (made up from 64 pieces)!

I felt like I was a mini production line at times.


But the 10-12 hours it took to take these scraps of fabric (I used felt for the facial features, polar fleece  for the arms and ears and cotton and canvas for the rest of the bag) from concept to object were worth it. Because even though one kid turned his nose up at the bag and refused to take it and the thrill of presents meant that many of the others were more excited to see what was inside the bag than anything else- I saw one little one hold the hand of her sheep as if it were a new friend – and that was a moment I could never put a figure on.

It’s a precious thing when the things you make are appreciated by those who receive them. It’s probably the main thing that keeps us crafters going when our energy (and interest!) start to run dry. That and the deadlines! How is everyone else going with their Christmas projects?



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