Frosting a Snowman*


*okay – so this post features fondant more than frosting, but it was the cleverest title I could think of – and I wanted to use it! *stamps foot* haha…

Yes, so last weekend I went along to a cupcake decorating class taught by Queenie of SugaConceptz. (Click on the link to see her amazing creations!)

All of us having next to no experience in working with fondant, Queenie showed us how to assemble three different cupcake designs. As it is near Christmas, each design was of a Christmas theme – but the different techniques she taught us set us up with a basic knowledge of working with fondant.

For our first design we created a stack of parcels – a design I hope to use in the future for birthdays.


The second design was for candy canes. Queenie showed us how to carefully roll the white and red fondant for a marbling effect.



And for our third and final design, we created a snowman. I adapted the composition techniques I learned many years ago in a Character Design course to put my snowman together. His large head was a bit of a challenge to stay on (later in the day the sweltering heat and gravity almost decapitated my little friend!) but other than that he came together pretty well.


My mum (who also came along to the class, but just to watch) added some snowballs. They look a little like feet though!

My three little “masterpieces” are now sitting in the fridge, sheltered from the warming summer heat. They will probably be devoured on Christmas day (it is okay to keep cupcakes that long, right?).

I’m so glad to have finally taught how to work with fondant and look forward to experimenting with it more in the future!

Is anyone else decorating cakes/cupcakes/other baked delights with fondant this Christmas? And if you live in a place where you’re more likely to have a heatwave than snow – how do you keep your sugary creations from melting?


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