DIY: Coldplay Inspired Necklace


This past weekend I got to see Coldplay live! After buying my tickets way back in May, the day had finally come! For the occasion (even though my brother said I was being “lame”) I created a little Coldplay inspired crocheted necklace to wear. And I’d love to share a tutorial now on how I made it with you!

As this was the Mylo Xyloto Tour, I let my colour scheme be inspired by the cover of the album.

Once set, I gathered my materials and began my little project!


1. Embroidery Threads

2. A handful of stuffing

3. A chain (this used to belong to a locket I had – which unfortunately snapped. I salvaged the chain though, and it was great to give it a second life in this project) – this can be whatever length you desire.

4. A clasp (Any jewelry clasp will do. This is just what I had on hand at the time)

5. 2 X jump rings



– 2mm Crochet hook

– Tapestry Needle

– Scissors

– Pliers



1. Crochet a ball out of each embroidery thread colour. The pattern (worked in rounds) follows as so..

R1: Form a magic ring with 6sc (6sts)

R2: 2sc in each sc around (12sts)

R3: *Sc1, 2sc in next sc*, repeat 6 times. (18sts)

R4-6: Sc 18

R7: *Sc1, dec1*, repeat 6 times (12sts)

(Stuff the ball with stuffing)

R8: Dec 6 times (6sts)

Fasten off with a short tail.

2. With a tapestry needle, tuck in the tails of each of the balls so that you end up with something like this.

3. Fold your chain in half and cut so that you have two pieces. For clarity, we will call the two chains A and B.

On one end of chain A, attach the clasp with a jump ring. On one end of chain B, attach a single jump ring.

4. On the non-clasp end of chain A thread a piece of embroidery thread and tie a double knot. (If you are a keen jewelery maker/prefer something a little sturdier, you may prefer to use tiger tail wire and clamps instead. I used thread as it was easier to get hold of at the time).

5. Thread each of the crocheted balls onto the thread. After this, attach the thread to the non-jump ring end of chain B.

6. Tuck in the loose threads.

7. And it’s done. Go see Coldplay! 😉

I hope you like my first attempt at writing/putting together a tutorial! Please only use this project for personal use – IT IS NOT to be sold or reproduced for profit.

To end this post, here I thought I’d also share a few shots I took at the concert (with my humble point and shoot camera). 🙂

My friend and I with our Xylobands. They were controlled by radio waves and lit up in sync with Coldplay’s performance. Amazing.

And Coldplay. With Confetti. Lasers. Lights. FIREWORKS (not in this picture though!). I don’t think I’ll ever go to another concert that will beat this one for atmosphere. Amazing. Just amazing.


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