Another Little Cake

Not much of a crochet show and tell this week. I’ve fallen into the crafting trap of starting too many projects at the same time!

This little cake (it seems I have a thing for crocheting food.. haha..) was, like last week’s lion, from Ana Paula Rimoli’s book Amigurumi Toy Box: Cute Crocheted Friends (it is one ridiculously cute book). I made it for my friend Celia’s birthday.

Apart from cake being an obvious birthday tradition (so maybe not crocheted ones, but cake all the same..) a cake was fitting for Celia as she is my accomplice when it comes to messing up a kitchen with various food experiments!

Over the years we’ve cooked together we’ve conjured up things like cookies that looked like hamburgers, gingerbread houses and Coca Cola chicken wings.

Last weekend we decided to cook a mini feast of Cesar salad, salted caramel macarons, apricot and hazelnut stuffed pork roast and gnocchi in cheesy white sauce. Whilst usually we like to cook from scratch, this cooking collaboration was pretty short on time – so we cheated by buying everything apart from the gnocchi.

I took care of the macarons. I have heard they are a tricky treat to master, so with my first ever attempt at them… I decided to go with a packet mix version. I thought I couldn’t possibly go wrong with a packet mix, but apparently I could. Below is the only picture I dare show of them, as this was them at their “best”. After they were baked, whilst terribly tasty, they were flat looking and positively stuck on the non-stick baking paper. *sigh* I admitted defeat that day – but I will master these little things one day!

Celia took care of making the gnocchi. For her it was a personal victory as the first time she attempted them they turned out a bit too wet and sloppy. This time they were a perfect consistency. I wish I could say I played a part, but all I did was the easy part of rolling them out and squishing them with a fork!

Anyway, I had better go and get some rest before the weekend! But before I go, here is a peak of (part of) a project I just finished today and hope to share next week!

Have a great weekend! 🙂


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