M is for Minion!

One of my favourite crochet blogs, as I’ve mentioned before is Stephanie’s All About Ami. Apart from being reguarly updated (I hate it when I find interesting but “dead” blogs.. like mine has been at times.. *cough*) and just really well laid out, Stephanie’s patterns are well written. When I saw this pattern for a Despicable Me Minion I knew I would have to try it!

So I bought two balls of yellow yarn and another of blue (I only ended up using less than a ball of each though) and the next thing I knew it was coming together.

Despicable Me Minions come in various forms but I decided to pretty much stick to Stephanie’s pattern. The only thing I changed was the minion’s hair. Instead of short strands everywhere I opted for long strands from the center of the minion’s head. I kept them from potentially falling out by sewing the strands through a piece of yellow felt.

I also used felt later on when I assembled the Minion and found that some of my decreasing stitches had left holes that I felt were a bit too big. On the offending patches I placed felt underneath the holes but over the stuffing. This wasn’t a fault with the pattern.. rather, I should of pulled the yarn tighter on my decreasing.

Otherwise, I had no other issues and the pattern came together…

And after a week or so (working on this project obsessively between my day job and other responsibilities!) I had a minion! 🙂

I was really impressed with the pattern. From the removable goggles…

To the overalls with functional buttons and a real front pocket!

My little cousin is very impressed with it too and has begged for her own minion this Christmas!

Anyway, the weekend has just started in my part of the world and I am itching to work on some more projects! So from me and my minion – see you later and have a great weekend! 🙂


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