Red Velvet Cake and Tea


Last week I crocheted some more food! A Red Velvet cake (because that red is mesmerizing) and a cup of tea. I was inspired in part by a Bake Sale we were holding at church to raise money for a project called “Operation Christmas Child” held annually by Samaritan’s Purse.

I started with a magic circle of 7 and increased until I was happy with the size, then continued in rounds until I felt that the cake had a good height to it. Instead of working in back stitches to give the cake base definition, I popped in a strip of cardboard into the cake to give it shape. I then stuffed it and decreased the stitches until the cake was finished.

For the icing I also started with a magic circle and increased until I was content with the size. To make dripping icing, I would randomly do single crochet chains of 2-4 stitches about 1-2 stitches apart on the final round.

I topped the cake with a crochet heart pattern I found here. I’m not sure if I followed it correctly, but it looked like a heart!

I was happy with how the cake turned out – and it made a pretty decoration (and useful pincushion for random tacks whilst pinning other decorations) at the Bake Sale.

I also designed/illustrated a small poster for the Bake Sale.


Operation Christmas Child is a project where shoe boxes are packed with various items (toys, toiletries, stationery etc) to be given to children in third world countries. In previous years when our church participated in this project we handed out shoe boxes to be filled before collecting them back for Samaritan’s Purse. We found that some of the boxes were, despite good intentions, unequally filled. Several were also missing their postage money (which at $9 a box added up a deficit quickly!) .


To try avoid these problems this year we collected items over a period of a month and held a Bake Sale to raise money for postage costs. Our aim had been to collect enough items and money for 50 shoe boxes. For much of the month, despite some generous donations,  I was unsure we were going to make our target.


BUT the Bake Sale blew away my expectations. It alone raised over $560. Combined with our existing collection of money (over the last few weeks), our grand total tipped just over $813! We now not only had enough money to post 50 boxes but also buy items that we hadn’t collected enough of!
A strictly budgeted shopping trip followed and then on Saturday we packed the shoe boxes. However, we were surprised again to find that not only could we easily reach our target of 50 boxes, but we could even afford to fill and send another 9 boxes!


God proved again to be generous and provided for our needs. Looking back it was pretty stupid we were even worried about making our goal!


And now that I’m at the end of this post, I’ll give a few little seconds of fame to the adorable little cup of tea (he is actually coffee in the original pattern – but I like to drink tea – so tea I made him!). The Cup of Coffee Pattern is from Ana Paula. I attached his handle on the opposite side to the pattern (just because) and gave him 9mm eyes (as I don’t have any 6mm at the moment).


I clip my work key to him and now he joins me on my tea breaks. 🙂



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