Hello Again!

I keep neglecting this dear blog.. my words of promise to blog again are so fickle.. 😛

Anyway, I thought I’d post a few pictures of something I made the other week. I’m forever picking up odd handcrafts here and there and last week (and this week still!) it’s crochet. Specifically – crocheting “amigurumi” – the Japanese terms for small knitted/crocheted stuffed animals.

I’d dabbled with amigurumi a little in the past but I had struggled to read the patterns properly. Anyhow, I discovered upon a second glance of one of my amigurumi books (ahh.. so easy to buy craft books and never use them :P) that I could understand more than I had thought. After crocheting a little piece of sushi I decided to try and find something a bit more challenging. And so I started googling.. (as you do!)
… and I stumbled upon the Stephanie’s wonderful “All About Ami” blog! She has a lovely collection of free patterns and I decided to make her “Graduation Teddy“, only in a different colour and sans a hat.

I realised only a few days ago that I haven’t been crocheting “correctly” ( I’d been only crocheting under one thread and not two) but I am still happy with how my little bear turned out. 🙂

I have since also made Stephanie’s Dragon pattern (though I need to make him some ears and glue on some pink cheeks!) and have a few other little random projects going on (though I have to put a bit of a restrain on my crochet addiction at the moment and make sure I get other things done!). Will try and post them when I’m done!


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