Sew Ambitious

Since I was young I’ve enjoyed sewing. My projects have been mostly little felt creations, as felt doesn’t fray, was cheap and came in many different colours. I’d create my own patterns, but mostly they were quite simple.

I’ve attempted more ambitious projects – like a dress last summer… only I’ve usually gave up a little too easily when the pattern became more complicated.

Over the weekend though I thought I’d give more complicated sewing a shot. I found a pattern (a dinosaur) that looked moderately challenging (at least to my limited skill set anyway!) and some scrap material and got sewing!


As I worked with the pattern, I realized it was easier than I thought – so I added some spines (as he had none) and wings to turn it into a dragon (I’m going to the ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ show in March and had spent the morning you tubing the AMAZING animatronics they’ve built for it…. so I had/have dragons on the brain!)

When I was done the little guy looked like this…


I posted him on Facebook and half a dozen or so people wanted to buy him! Which to be honest amused the part of me that has been thinking of starting an etsy store for the last 2 yrs! But since the body of the pattern is not my own design, I’ve been working on one. I put together my first prototype (if we can call it that!) last night before I went to sleep and it looks pretty close to how I want! So a little more tweaking and hunching over the sewing machine (or perhaps near in my case as I am not very tall, haha) and soon I will have something to show you! 🙂


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