Lesson Nine Assignment

It took a while but I finally finished Bobby Chiu’s Digital Painting Class! Above is my final assignment . . a refined version of the previous lesson’s assignment. It’s not perfect (I’ve spent the last forty minutes or so tweaking it) but *sigh* as we were once told at Uni from a guest lecturer (well, I don’t remember his exact words, rather the jist of his advice) – – sometimes you have to let things go even if they’re not perfect and move onto other things. Sometimes it’s not worth obsessing over a detail, it’s better to move on and be refreshed by and learn from new projects.

Or to quote from the movie “Confessions of a Shopaholic” – “Cost and Worth are very different things.”

Anyway, despite this, I’m still happy enough with the end result to submit it.

It’s exciting to have finally finished the course .. it sounds cliche but I have learnt so much from it. I understand now how to see colours as they actually are, paint with different techniques and how to use these collectively to create paintings from scratch. Bobby Chiu has put together a really solid foundation for learning to digitally paint with this course. I very, VERY much recommend this course to anyone thinking about doing it!


2 thoughts on “Lesson Nine Assignment

  1. Congratulations on finishing your course rachel!! Can’t wait to see what else you’re working on! Maybe watching a certain episode of doctor who might give you some inspiration too 😉

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