Lesson Eight Assignment

HUZZAH! I’ve “made” my self imposed catch up deadline! 😀

It looks like I’ve cheated and submitted a half done painting . . but the image for this lesson (once again illustrated by the amazing Bobby Chiu) is meant to be completed in the next (and final) lesson. So it is “complete”. For “now” at least. 🙂

The purpose of this lesson was to understand how to start colouring an image from scratch in colour . . and more or less, use colours effectively.

The colour theory Bobby went through opened my eyes in a big way in understanding just how well (or not) the eye and brain understands colour. I just finished this so haven’t been able to put anything I’ve learnt into practice just yet, but even just looking at things around me now . . . I’m a lot more confident I could break them down into a colour sketch now.


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