“. . the way I chase dreams . .”

I like reading blogs. One of my recent favourites is Jon Acuff‘s. Though it has nothing to do with visual arts, one of the posts I browsed the other day resonated with me career-wise.

“Most people have a love or an activity or something in their heart that makes them feel alive and lightheaded. It’s that thing you can do for hours without thinking about food or friends or anything. Time speeds across your head and hands like a bullet train. But there’s a problem.

Most people decide whether or not to pursue their thing every day. They sit down at the computer or the easel and have a discussion with themselves, “Should I do my thing today? Do I feel like it? Is there anything inside me right now that wants to? Is this the right moment? Are there other things I need to do?” And so they argue. Most times, maybe 90% of the time, what Steven Pressfield calls “resistance,” wins. You give up. You never start. You put it off for one more day. You don’t do your thing.

. . .

Stop deciding whether you will sing or dance or be an accountant or study or play with your kids.

Decide it once and then do it.”

Wise words.

You can read Jon’s post in full here.


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