Lesson Six Assignment

Yay! Another lesson down! This lesson was all about paintbrushes – making them and using them. It was really helpful to learn about how much brushes can enhance a digital painting.

Bobby Chiu provided the image of the woman – bald. Our assignment was to paint in her hair using brushes we had created earlier in the lesson. I’m well aware that the hair I painted in is .. well . . big. But it was so much fun to paint!  And I was kind of going for something a little more interesting than a regular shoulder length bob. I’m hoping it doesn’t look like I misinterpreted the assignment  though . . .

Bobby also did a demo of how to paint curly hair and below is my (second) attempt at it. My first was nice, but then, it wasn’t as “loose” as it should’ve been so the lady’s hair looked like it was a solid mass loaded with waaaaaay too much hair spray.


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