Lesson Five Assignment

So begins my much needed catch up! I have only about a month left to work through the tutorials. My aim is to knock off another 3 before the end of May and leave the remainder of June for the last one which (from skimming the assignment briefs) needs more time than any of the others. Perseverance!!

This assignment was about learning to use smudging as a painting technique. I started off with a black and white line drawing by Bobby Chiu. From there the tutorial explained how to build it up to the above. I think it turned out okay.

My tablet isn’t doing the lagging thing anymore thankfully! It turned out to be a matter of installing the tablet drivers again/properly. Yay.


2 thoughts on “Lesson Five Assignment

  1. question, do you find the self taught classes very helpful? or did you regret registering for ‘self-taught’ ones..
    Just asking cuz I’m planning to enroll into Bobby’s class as well. 🙂

    • Bobby Chiu’s class is the second Schoolism course I’ve done. The first was Silver’s Character Design class which I did with feedback (which was really valuable). However, I don’t regret taking Bobby’s class as self taught as . .

      i) Whilst Silver’s class taught “principles” which we then had to adapt to our own projects, Bobby’s classes literally walk you through each step/process (in real time too) so you can learn techniques exactly. Bobby encourages you to actually work on your assignment alongside the tutorials.
      ii) Whilst you don’t get video feedback on your work in “self taught” your assignments do get a rating out of 5 stars from Bobby, so you do get an idea (if only a brief one) of how you are going.
      iii) Self taught students have access to other student’s (previous/current) video feedback. So while that feedback isn’t exactly personal, you can learn from others.
      iv) The best thing about self taught classes is that you can work at your own pace. You don’t have to wait for the “term” to begin as it starts as soon as you’ve paid. I’m not sure if you’ve done other Schoolism courses before, but you are given approximately 3 months to complete a 9 lesson course. So it’s very achievable. I guess the only down side is that if you don’t discipline yourself to keep up with lessons then it gets a bit tricky!

      I hope that helps answer your question! 🙂

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