Lesson Four Assignment

*sigh* I’m cringing as I post this as another few weeks have lapsed since I last posted. WHY oh WHY do I let my time disappear like it does? I hate it. This needs to stop.

Anyway . . this assignment here was about texturing with existing textures. Again, the credits go to Bobby Chiu for the illustration. I’ve posted a before/after comparison to give you an idea of what was actually accomplished during the assignment.

I think the biggest issue that came up for me whilst working on this was that I really need to check out the settings on my Wacom. It’s an Intuos 3, so not too shoddy a thing . . and yet I cannot work out why it lags when I try draw draw delicate things like hairs. I installed the tablet driver to try get rid of this problem, but it seems the solution lies in some other setting somewhere as it still exists.

If anyone out there has a solution, please let me know!


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