Lesson One Assignment

So I started digital painting classes (Digital Painting with Bobby Chiu)this week! This is/was my first assignment – to paint in grey scale a (provided) picture of a man. I think it turned out okay. Thinking it over now, I think I referred/relied on the “reference  image” too much. I got so caught up with trying to make the image look “correct” . . I forgot to work out shadows myself. *sigh* I won’t do that again.

Anyway, working through this taught me to get a feel for painting and how to build up my image from a dark foundation layer with light and dark passes. We were also only allowed to use a hard brush for this piece and tamper only with opacity and flow .  . so that was challenging to learn to blend within those restrictions. But it taught me things so I’m not really complaining.

If anyone reading this has any other comments please feel free to critique . . I’ve opted for the “self taught” version of this course so am without personal feedback for my weekly projects!


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