The Princess and . . .

2010 . . though we’re almost 3 weeks into it now(good things have happened and also really tragic things too) . . However,  I hope you’re having (or rather, choosing to have) an inspiring one. Inspiration can come to us and other times we find it. And sometimes we find it by learning to see what comes to us in a different way (and what we do with inspiration is another story). There are many things I’m trying to change about the way I think and this is but one. Anyway . . .

The design/illustration above is  something I’ve been working on (and completed) over the last few days for a women’s weekend retreat at Grace Church. I did a few variations of this flyer, playing around with the formatting. This version didn’t make the final cut, but it was my favourite. I was influenced by 1950’s ish art (this isn’t the first time . . there’s just something about that time . . the art and aesthetics in particular) and in particular the American artist Charley Harper (NOT the fictional cad from the tv show).

I stumbled upon his amazing coffee table book portfolio compilation whilst doing my Christmas shopping last year. My work, I realise, isn’t particuarly Harper-esque at all . . but I enjoyed experimenting with solid colour shapes. I’m fascinated by Harper’s use of shapes and geometry . . the simplicity in form, yet detail in communication. Plain genius. 🙂

On a tangent . . I still haven’t seen Disney’s “The Princess and the Frog” (despite having wanted to since discovering it was in the works over a year ago) but reallllllllllyyy want to.  😦


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