Left Column, Second Down

As I mentioned in my previous post I took a drawing class – or more specifically ‘Character Design with Silver’ through schoolism.com.

This was my last assignment, which was essentially re-doing my first assignment with my new knowledge. I could go on about how much I learnt but I think the drawing/s say enough.

Final Assignment

Several of my online classmates also improved significantly and our drawings were featured on Silver’s blog (14th Dec, 2009) to plug his 2010 Winter Session classes.

Silver's Blog

I cannot recommend this course enough for anyone wanting to improve their drawing/cartooning skills. It was really practical and useful to me and helped restore my confidence in drawing.


3 thoughts on “Left Column, Second Down

  1. Congrats! Even I wasn’t featured… lolol…

    anyway, it’s so great to see everyone’s improvement and how much they love this course. It’s definitely worth doing if you want to work in illustration/design.

    And even following Silver hereafter (on facebook, twitter, his blog) is just so inspirational… he’s given a lot of pick-me-up messages which have helped me when I was down. So yeah, definitely a guy to follow!

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